Is philadelphia a good place to live in?

One of the main reasons people enjoy living here is to live on the East Coast with affordable housing and a good job market. Many also love big-city amenities and unique charm. Philadelphia is rich in art and culture, as well as dining opportunities, history, and outdoor experiences. Is Philadelphia a good place to live? Located near New York, Philadelphia has a well-established culture and a friendly atmosphere.

It's a fantastic city with a lively city center, excellent restaurants, major universities and an impressive promenade. The cost of living is also reasonable. Thanks to the extensive public transportation network, Philadelphians are much less forced to move within a small radius of their work when moving to Philadelphia. Interestingly, a higher than average number of students in the city choose to live in Philadelphia after graduation, which lowers the average age of Philadelphians.

Living in Philadelphia is still much more affordable than most cities its size, and since most people who live in cities know they expect higher costs, I think moving to Philadelphia is a pleasant surprise for most. While there are many advantages to moving to Philadelphia, there are some things you might not enjoy living in Philadelphia. Cultural Sites: An incredible culture with art and museums throughout the city, Philadelphia is home to several museums and art institutes such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Barnes Foundation, the Museum of the American Revolution and is home to the only Rodin Museum outside of Paris.

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