Is philadelphia expensive to live in?

Payscale, com estimates that Philadelphia's cost of living is 17% higher than the national average. Even so, this can vary a lot depending on how much you spend on things like housing and transportation. If we compare Philadelphia to other U.S. cities with similarly sized populations, we can spot the differences quite easily.

If we look at the cost of living in Philadelphia compared to national averages, we see a similar story. If we compare Philadelphia with the major cities nearby, the picture changes quite a bit. The city is a bargain compared to New York, Boston or DC. We spent 260 hours researching storage and moving container companies to find the best prices, the best customer service and the fastest deliveries so you don't have to.

Surprisingly, public transport is not very popular, with around 50% of the city's passengers driving a car alone to work and 67% of households own at least one vehicle. Gas prices are usually close to the national average and monthly parking rates can be a few hundred per month. Another thing to keep in mind are Philadelphia's crazy tax laws. For example, the municipal sales tax is 8% and the income tax rate if you work and live in the city is almost 4%.

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