Is philadelphia safe to walk at night?

It's generally safe to walk around Philadelphia day or night, especially if you stay on the busiest streets like Market, Chestnut, or Walnut. Overall, it's very safe to travel to Philadelphia. Although it is said to be one of the most dangerous cities in the United States, this only applies to dangerous parts of the city, which are rarely frequented by tourists. The Rittenhouse area of Philadelphia is one of the busiest and safest areas in the city, especially during the day, but also at night.

You can stroll down Walnut Street in and out of stores, as some of them close at 8 p. m. Or at 9 p.m., m. On the square itself, you'll find Devon, Rouge and Parc, while other restaurants such as Dandelion, Village Whiskey and Pietro's are just a short walk away.

For wine drinkers, they'll want to go to the Tria Café, while those looking for beer, good food, and a pool will want to go to Good Dog. Rittenhouse Square is particularly beautiful during the colder months, afternoon and evening, when lights adorn the park and trees. Are you sure? Mostly yes, especially above Washington Ave. However, Philadelphia has bad pockets everywhere.

You are very lucky in terms of the weather on the days you chose. I would call the local police department & to check what the laws are. Depends on the size of the knife, some smaller knives are legal in the city of Philadelphia. In Philadelphia, you can walk around the Old City, where American freedom was basically invented, right there at 7th and Market, then declared and codified three blocks away, along with a dozen other major American monuments that have stood the past two centuries or so.

Philadelphia consistently ranks above the national average in terms of crimes, especially violent crimes. It has the highest violent crime rate of the ten U.S. cities with a population of more than 1 million residents, as well as the highest poverty rate among these cities. In general terms, SEPTA is safe during active hours.

That said, the usual warnings of big cities apply. Know where you are going, don't show valuables, etc. And some of the stations are older and a little shady, but they are well patrolled. Although several ruined neighborhoods in Philadelphia are known for outdoor drug trafficking, as well as outdoor drug use, the “North Philly Badlands” is known throughout the country for it.

Many North Philadelphia neighborhoods are ruined and abound with abandoned houses and vacant lots. South Street: Sleazy but Safe Fun. I really don't agree that security is an issue on South Street, it's perfectly safe, in fact, with cops practically on every corner and a police station on 9 and south, it's constantly well patrolled. While crime is relatively low in Northern Liberties compared to the rest of the city, it's not immune.

Crimes in the area are generally non-violent and include burglaries, burglaries, and other property-related cases. But some cities are dirtier than others. How does your city compare to the others in our list of the dirtiest cities in the United States? City Rankings. Neither Pittsburgh nor Philadelphia is known for its high safety rating, but one of the benefits of living in Pittsburgh is that it's a little safer than Philadelphia.

The violent crime rate is lower in Pittsburgh, but the property crime rate in Philadelphia versus Pittsburgh is about the same. Sadie Daniel is an adventurer at heart. Loves to travel and explore new places. Her thirst for adventure has carried her all over the world, and she is always looking for her next big thrill.

Sadie is also an animal lover, and has been known for rescuing stray cats and dogs in her neighborhood. He is a kind-hearted person who likes to help others, and would do anything for his family and friends. This is confirmed by official police statistics (see on the Philadelphia Police website), but also other classifications such as Philadelphia Inquirer ou Area vibes. Overrun by more than 1 drug addicts and drug dealers who wage war with each other, Kensington has become Philadelphia's most dangerous neighborhood.

Here is a study that reveals whether or not Philadelphia is a dangerous city and what are the dangerous neighborhoods, but also the best areas to stay in Philadelphia. . .

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