Where should i not live in philadelphia?

For your next trip to Pennsylvania, where are the neighborhoods you should avoid in Philadelphia, where are Kensington and other hazardous areas? In fact, everyone knows that there is a serious drug problem and insecurity in certain neighborhoods of Philadelphia. All of a sudden, it's legitimate to ask before choosing the district to stay in. You're not in danger in Philadelphia, when it comes to the possibilities of being assaulted or kidnapped. Violent street crime is not a common occurrence, but only if you avoid dangerous areas in some cities that even locals rarely dare to walk through.

Head to the Wissahickon Bike Trail, where you can ride 57 miles of trail along Wissahickon Creek. Shop for fresh produce, meat and more at the year-round East Falls Farmers Market. See one-act and ensemble works presented by local actors at Old Academy Players. Find new books, attend language classes, or take the children to storytime at the Falls of Schuylkill Public Library.

Grab some friends and try a few beer flights at Wissahickon Brewing Company. Buy a ranch pizza with chicken and bacon or a Philly steak pizza with cheese from Slices Pizza. Or schedule a date night at In Riva, where you can share a bottle of wine and enjoy hearty Italian dishes like Papparadelle or Gnocchi,. Interestingly, a higher than average number of students in the city choose to live in Philadelphia after graduation, which lowers the average age of Philadelphians.

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