Which part of philadelphia is safest?

Most people refer to the city as Philadelphia, but it's also known as The City of Brotherly Love and The Athens of America, among other nicknames. These two names spell so much about Philadelphia that residents and non-residents love it. For residents, living in Philadelphia means living in history and living in peace. Philadelphia has many areas that offer safe, high-quality living.

Those wishing to move to a place of historical importance should look to Philadelphia for options. If you're on the market, here are the 10 safest places to live in Philadelphia. This area of Philadelphia may not be a favorite for many, but if safety is a priority, you should visit the Pennsport-Whitman-Queen area. There is an average size population here, but the unemployment rate is quite high, at 7.3%.

It may be harder to find work here, but it's good that transportation outside the area isn't bad at all. It also turns out that it's more expensive here because of all the amenities; but what Pennsport-Whitman-Queen lacks in these features is in safety and security. Fishtown is definitely far from suspicious, despite the fact that the historic town was given its name Fish. This small corner of Kensington has existed since the 1730s and some parts reflect its age.

However, there is a lot of new life in this old working-class neighborhood. It now has a new identity as a large, secure neighborhood with half-million-dollar homes. I'm sure it's not a bad place to live. The cost of living can be incredibly high in Somerton, but there's a good reason for that.

Somerton is one of the best neighborhoods in all of Philadelphia and also one of the safest. The crime rate here has steadily declined over the years, and the total crime here is 39% lower than the national average. I'd have to save quite a bit of money to buy a house here, but it's very likely worth it. Good schools and incredibly low crime rates are some of Bustleton's best features.

The crime rate here is decreasing every year, and the amenities are excellent. Bustleton housing might be higher than the city average, but the urban-suburban feel it offers attracts some of the highest earners in society. The higher cost of living could be attributed to this factor, but it doesn't change the area's incredible safety ratings. There is something light and carefree about the sound of Mount Airy, and it's not just the name that evokes that sense.

It is the place itself that some have described as having the most vegetation and the most peace. Who could refuse such an attraction? Perhaps the characteristic of having low crime rates will appeal more to others. Either way, living in Mount Airy alone could offer you great life opportunities. It's a hard place to say no With only a population of about 7,400, Manayunk offers a peaceful environment in an urban-suburban setting.

It's hard to find places with Manayunk's population combined with its great amenities. This classic mill town has a lot of charm to offer its visitors and residents, and walking around Manayunk feels safe and secure. The area has excellent crime rates that are only overshadowed by the high cost of living. If you can afford it here, you should definitely consider Manayunk as a place to call home.

Roxborough has deep roots and it's something you can't create. The culture and atmosphere in Roxborough is something that has developed over time, and the neighborhood has had a lot of it. Roxborough offers incredibly safe living combined with a small town feel. A lot of people visit here just to realize that it's their home.

The population of Roxborough has grown steadily over the years, perhaps because people didn't want to leave. Unfortunately, you would have to be willing to pay money to live in this neighborhood, but you should know that the Fairmount-Spring Garden area is absolutely worth every penny. When it comes to safety, you'll find very few places that offer peace like Fairmount-Spring Garden does. The labor market here is also excellent, as are the amenities that are comparable to those of a big city.

The population here isn't much either, with only about 23,800 residents. Read More The 10 Best Places to Live in Los Angeles for SinglesContinue Read More The 10 Best Places to Live Outside of New YorkContinue. Here are some of the additional Philadelphia crime statistics you should know when considering a move to the city. In fact, in terms of insecurity, there is a wide geographical disparity between neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

As you can see, all of these areas have total crime rates that are substantially above the national average and the Philadelphia average. In most cities, including Philadelphia, each community is so diverse that it could well be a world of its own. While these statistics are enough to scare anyone away from the City of Brotherly Love, it doesn't mean there aren't safe areas in Philadelphia. Located in the northeastern tip of Philadelphia, Byberry is best known for the Philadelphia State Hospital in Byberry, a psychiatric facility that closed in the 1990s.

Although Philadelphia is consistently ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in the United States, there are areas that are safe for both families and individuals. Twenty-seven communities in Philadelphia are on the list of the 1,000 richest neighborhoods in the United States, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. This neighborhood is the arts capital of Philadelphia, so if access to museums and galleries is a priority for you, your home could be within walking distance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Franklin Institute, and the Rodin and Barnes Foundation. So I'm going to introduce you to the safest neighborhoods in Philadelphia and the tourists' favorite neighborhood.

Overrun by more than 1 drug addicts and drug dealers who wage war with each other, Kensington has become Philadelphia's most dangerous neighborhood. While total crime in this neighborhood is 43% lower than the Philadelphia average and 12% lower than the national average, violent crime is 22% above the national average. So if you're moving to Philadelphia and looking for a more diverse and affordable option, check out the options in Somerton. .


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